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Highland Mountain Bike Park meets Outdoor New England

In coordination with representatives from PermaCity Life and the WOW Trail, we had the pleasure of a pre-season, behind the scenes tour of Highland Mountain Bike Park!

If you haven't been to Highland, you need to go!

It is an amazing place connecting kids and adults of all ages to the outdoors through a specific activity, which they love!

We got the low down on their amazing down hill tracks, their cross country runs and the plethora of programming for kids, adults and schools to learn how to ride safely and have fun out there!

In listening to Mark, we could totally relate to his passion for outdoor activities and his passion for getting people outside. His fire burns strong!

Highland is gearing up to open on April 27th, so we know their time is precious, but a big thank you to Mark and Company for an awesome day!

You will see us in April!

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