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"Water is Life" | Marty

 Photo by A. Boverman from NH Business Review's March Article ( http://www.nhbr.com/March-3-2017/Moving-forward-in-Franklin/ ).

Photo by A. Boverman from NH Business Review's March Article (http://www.nhbr.com/March-3-2017/Moving-forward-in-Franklin/).

This phrase crossed my path a long time ago while budget backpacking. At the time it was so incredibly simple and straight forward. In my twenties, I thought... of course "water is life." Every living thing needs it. Conversation over! I know it was a very astute evaluation.

Its interesting how life flows, adapts and changes over time. As individuals experience life all things are impacted; opinions, ideals, goals, etc.

 Picture by Outdoor New England.

Picture by Outdoor New England.

I'm contemplating these pieces more than ever now. I must be getting old right? [Insert receding hairline comment here]. As I paddle the rapids of the Winnipesaukee River or any river, I have the luxury to be on, Iknow I will never see that water again. As my trip finishes and I go home, the water continues on to the Atlantic Ocean, where it voyages on to another destination or begins the process of entering the atmosphere.

Time flows, the same as water. The troubles, predicaments, real world issues, as well as good times will flow on by. More than ever I believe we have to live life to the fullest while we are on the water.

I made a conscious decision to stop compromising my family's present and future. In doing so I made the decision to be a part of the Franklin movement and the PermaCityLife family. Although, there are struggles, I believe more than ever that our time together on the water is well spent.